In Tokyo Game Show 2017, 東プレ will have a typing tournament “REALFORCE TYPING CHAMPIONSHIP 2017”. And they use the Weather Typing. 東プレ makes a famous keyboard Realforce which is widely used among typers. Of course I am a user, too.

A while ago, Pocari told me about the tournament and asked me to allow to use Weather Typing and I responded yes. It seems that was decided. Thanks to use Weather Typing every time. I have not thought such an event 15 years ago when I saw TOD event in Akihabara.

After using WT3 twice in Typing Summit and I fixed up some bugs so timing is so good. It will be a one on one battle via LAN so I do not have any concerns but please tell me if you know any bugs of current version.

It will be another event in next week, the download count of Weather Typing will be higher.

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