August 5 2017 - Maker Faire 2017 Tokyo

I went to Maker Faire 2017 Tokyo day 1 with Happa. The place was splitted in two but the scale seems as same as the last year? It took about 5 hours to look around so I got tired.

There are so many robot exhibition in one place that I cannot see difference between them. In contrast,kids corner was fun because of much variation. And of course the most interesting part is the electronics corner. For example, I am developing Windows IoT now so LattePanda was interesting
for me. I cannot found them in exhibitor so that is a link for product. Personally, denha’s channel Pythagora-switch-like machines,カサネタリウム funny plotter? were much fun.

I want to join Maker Fair with Weather Typing IoT some time.

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