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I am in IT industry so I have to use recent service.

I do not have used net shop a lot because I live alone but recently there are receive in convenience store and receive at electric store. I bought some items which I cannot buy in real
stop. Amazon item has arrived in one day. It is very convenient for people who live alone.

Another one. I have many PC parts and I wonder how to throw them away. And I found some
service of recycling. I used Renet Japan which has a partnership with municipality. They confirmed me the items are personal because of amount but it finished with no problem. It is also convenient.

I used Buffalo DT-H70/U2 to see TV. It is old but worked with Windows 10.

But suddenly, the capture software PCastTV3 stopped working this week. There are some people with the same problem in Twitter. It is old capture so maybe Buffalo won’t support it. OK, I will quit seeing TV. The only program I want to see is NHK English learning program.

I need math knowledge recently so I’m studying now. I’m reading group theory book I happen to have. People says the study in school is useless after growing up but I don’t think so. I used physics sill to make World Tester, I used music skill to make Purentro, I always use English and math. Even cleaning skill ans cooking skill. I studied various things in shallow so I can study them deeply after graduating school.

I came to America San Francisco starting Sep. 30 and go back to Japan today. I’m in America but I don’t use English much here. I feel I’m using English while I’m in Japan. I brought Surface with me but I don’t have time here so I can’t develop here. Windows 10 preview has been released but I can’t try it because of network speed. I have some business trip so I want to improve that.

Finally, I returned to the normal environment. Three weeks was long. I will restart developing.

I have returned to Japan. Finally I can develop again, but I will go to my parent’s house because of long holiday in Japan. I would be in Surface environment for more one week. Next week, I will be back to my real develop environment.

Starting today, I’m in business trip.

With my Surface Pro 2, I can develop during the trip.

I arrived at San Francisco. I was 10 km away from Disney in Florida but I only went to Disney shop in Orland International Airport.

I’m going to Florida and San Francisco this week. I will bring Surface pro 2 with me so I can develop during trip.

Summer holiday starts from today. I brought Surface RT to my parent’s house and I will use only that tablet.

I went to Akihabara Yodobashi Camera to buy some stuff then I found AAAA battery. I didn’t know Japanese maker makes AAAA battery. Great Akihabara.

My Boogie Board died. I heard the battery will keep working for my whole life but it dowsn’t. I was good to buy AAAA battery in the US. I have to buy new battery in the US again.

I went Docomo shop to recycle my old cell phones. They were using a Boogie Board when they make me write my information. It is easy to use than a keyboard. And it is useful for security reasons because the letters can be erased by just pushing button.

I came back to Japan. Because it was only 3 days staying, I hardly feel like I went to Canada. I only remenber I had a cupnoodle in a airplain.

I’m going to Canada. This time I don’t have time to go sightseeing.

I had been getting diarrhea for 4 days. I got concentrated lactic acid bacterium as medicine. If I was in Vietnam, I would just get purgative. In Japan, doctors try to cure the bowels.There are difference between Japan and Vietnam.

I will go back to Việt Nam tomorrow. This time I will bring MacBook so I can develop while staying.

I came back to Japan. But I will go to Việt Nam next week. I feel I’ve come to Japan for sightseeing.

One of my colleagues took me to sightseeing in Hanoi. We saw Đi Tích Hoàng Thành Thăng Long, Hồ Hoản Kiếm and etc. There are few foreigner and many shops are closed, maybe because of year end.


After returning to the Hotel, I went to supermarket and found chocolate snack I ate in America. The imported goods are very expensive so it cost 67,000Đ! I can eat dinner spending 67,000Đ (It’s $3, though).


I went to a supermarket near the hotel. And I went a Japanese restaurant in the same building. In Vietnum, there are many Japanese restaurant for Japanese people. Staffs use Japanese and prise is much higher than other restaurant. In America, I found many Japanese restaurant when I was staying but I thought they are mainly for local people. In Vietnum, there are many Japanese people working and they can’t use Vietnamese so Japanese restaurant for Japanese people is in demand I think.

In Vietnum, Feb 10 is the New Year’ Day in this year so many event is held now. Today, we had a end-of-the-year event. The staffs here are young include manager and they are powerful than Japanese workers. There are many difference between Vietnum and Japan. In Japan, managers give the prise to the superior team but in Vietnum they give the prise to a individual person. In Japan, the presentation for the workers is simple but they make great presentation for the workers in Vietnum. I felt the managers are trying to increase the motivation of the staffs.

After 6h flight, I arrived at Ha Noi, Vietnum. This is my second time traveling abroad so it was easier than the first time. I exchaned 5,000(About $50) to 980,000Đ. What a big number.

I went to a office I will work starting tomorrow and to a hotel I will stay for three weeks. I can use LAN and Wi-Fi in the hotel so I can develop my software. But maybe I don’t have time.

I will go to Vietnam starting tomorrow. So I can’t update for a while.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.