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I couldn’t go to it but I write a report of annual Typing Summit.

This year, I assumed I have to go to work this time of year so I didn’t entry. But as a result, Only I was free so I was able to see NikoNama.

WT team battle. Thanks to have a great event. Broadcasting is improved. In the last year, I saw NikoNama after the summit but I couldn’t see the words in screen. In this year, because of tahe lighting and layout, I could see words clearly. Other than that, the team name which was hard to see, was changed to color name that was easy to understand.

I was worrying about connection and spec change but it seems no bit problems. Maybe the facility team was tested carefully. The following things are the software issues. I have to handle it.

  • The user can’t see all the information
  • Too much lag
  • The result graphs are complicated
  • Roman and Kana scope doesn’t match

I have to resolve the issues. Also I will develop the new concept, and I will propose new WT next year. But the new concept doesn’t contribute to the summit battle. I think it is good to support team battle which I’m not sure I can develop by next year.


The user can’t see all the information

I fixed “change information panel size” this time but I forgot the real request was to show the screen on the lowest size. I thought increase the resolution will solve but it maybe difficult with projector.

Too much lag

I don’t know the cause. In my environment, 5 people battle has no problem. Long words seems to cause the lag so .NET WPF can’t draw such a many object, if it is so, I have to change the framework to such as Unity.

The result graphs are complicated

I have to improve graphs. Maybe zooming and highlight one line. I will think of it in the new analyzing feature.

Roman and Kana scope doesn’t match

In variety words, I concerned the difference between Roman and Kana scope and someone can’t type some character but the facility team already considered. But in the new concept, I have to do something to that issue.

Morse code. I am developing the Input Method Plugin and I think I will add Morse code as a sample. That will enable true Morse code input.


Last year, I joined to Typing Summit at the first time and got a lot of requests to Weather Typing then I promised to bring new version of Weather Typing.


After that, I completed WT3 to a level which can just battle so I asked to the Summit team to use new version. As I expected, Windows XP is an issue but this year, but fortunately they are getting some Windows 7 PCs and they can use new version. And I also join the Typing Summit the day 2 to have some trouble shoot. I practiced typing only one day but I got only level 5. I was able to get only 1 word last year so the goal is 2 words this year.

On the day

The day of the 7th Typing Summit. Almost all the people were practicing 月姫打online (TOL) so I learned the rule. I saw playing video last year and I think if someone seek after the strategics to typing game, it will be like this. Seeing opponent’s field, save the typed words and use finisher. It reminds me Puyopuyo~n. It is interesting because the players which has different level each other can battle equally. But still, Weather Typing has to use only typing factor so my next challenge is to achieve strategy with only typing factor.

WT3 Team Competition

Team competition in PM. It is the first time WT3 is used in competition, I joined it nervously that I’m concerned about stalling in a game. As I was able to see it next to players, I found a lot of viewpoint to improve. Especially, the player information of the 4th member is hidden when the window is small. It broadcast in Niconama so if they make font bigger, information is hidden but if they make font smaller, it is hard to see the string. I give the result of competition to other blog or something but I joined C team and 1st competitor and got 5 words. The word is mixture of numbers, English, unknown languages so I can take some words I am good at. That is also included in my new concept and that would be a great hints.

In WT3, word format changed to XML so an administrator said that it was troublesome to make word. When I told him you can use text format, he was shocked. Sorry, I should’ve write somewhere. I keep compatibility to scores and words as much as possible.


After the team competition, I was surrounded by members and questioned. I will write down the requests and what I noticed in the day.

  • Displaying Result screen got stacked
  • Can’t input ka or hi with Shift in Kana
  • Can the sound be different due to the win player
  • Can’t display 4th player information with small window
  • After change application with Ctrl + ??, can’t input hyphen.
  • Knowing I can host or not is good
  • Slow
  • I want to use words in the Internet
  • I want to see Japanese level and English level separately
  • I want to run it in XP
  • I want to export the records in CSV
  • I want to see speed and word in result screen
  • I want to play single mode with lobby chat
  • Can’t change player color in LAN mode
  • Needing registration to join in lobby is difficult
  • Start abruptly with shut up opponent
  • Good to add some that heat up chat like view mode
  • I want to mix words in single play
  • Customizing input method
  • Supporting language other than English
  • Team competition mode

BTW, the reason Tanigon retired in exhibition was the hyphen issues.


This time, I was able to make WT3 in time and it was used in the summit. But if it will be used in next year, I have to improve a lot of stuffs. And more, I have a lot of stuff that I want to implement in WT3. I will proceed from now on.

… but I have other things to like make remote controlling car.

I’ve joined to The sixth typing summit day 2nd. It was great opportunity as the author of Weather Typing and it was a lot of fun as a person who likes typing. Thanks for all the participants and all the administrators.


The typing summit is the offline meeting for people who like typing and it is historical meeting. Until this time, I thought it is not good the author will be conspicuous so I didn’t attend them. But this time, the promoter Pocari said that the communication between users and authors is one of the theme so I decided to join it. We discussed to make that secret until the day so I finally can write about it here.

It was the first time to attend the offline meeting itself. But I knew of many people there. Some of them were TOD expert and some were the user of Weather Typing from the beginning and some were Typing book authors. And They knew of me too, it was weird. I felt I was treated too much because of I’m the author of Weather Typing but I talked to many people using that special privilege.

I attended “WeatherTyping team battle” and “Talk session with the author”. After that, I was exhausted but spent time during TOD team battle and drinking.

WeatherTyping team battle

Maybe I don’t have to write about this session. I join the “team the author” as underling. But because I haven’t practiced typing for a long time so I couldn’t type well. It was good I was able to get some point. I should have implemented cheat code, oops, should have practiced more.

The rule of the battle was that all the people was split to four teams to be averaged by Weather Typing level. Every person in the same battle have the same level. Every battle was close game and interesting. In Weather Typing, the game tends to be one-side game if they have different level but depending on the rule, it can be this enjoyable.

Talk session with the author

After the team battle, the users have surrounded me and requested many things. I couldn’t be happier. So, I will introduce top 10 requests I got. I will add all the requests to the request lists.

  1. Many uses can’t run Weather Typing in Windows 7
  2. I want to see the battle of the high level players in lobby
  3. I want ESC key to be disabled in multiple player game
  4. I want to play in Mac OS
  5. I want to play with high resolution display which I can see long word, too.
  6. I want Weather Typing to be used easily, IP address is difficult
  7. I want to change word and rules during battle
  8. Level is too rough. Can level be small step?
  9. Word of smartphone version is too depend on lucky
  10. I want English version

Every request has detail background but actually half of them are the request I’ve already heard. But the feature I think is required isn’t the feature the users want. It is good opportunity to hear those requests. Other than that, I heard some users uses Weather Typing beyond the unexpected way.

But the report I was impressed the most was that the Weather Typing title spell has been wrong in iOS and Android. If you are interested in that, download and install it. It’s in Japanese though. Thanks for the report, Y.


It has been 12 years since I created Weather Typing. Recently, it has been old so I thought it is good to be replaced by other typing software.

But about two years ago, I cooperated a little with “Typing Professionals“, and this time I saw many people were excited in Weather Typing battle in front of me. Also, I heard there are people increasing in lobby, and there are no software they can be satisfied yet. I can’t avoid doing it!

Actually I’ve started creating new Weather Typing when I read typing book but because I was away from typing, I didn’t know what software I should make. This time I got many hints so the developing will progress faster. I will do my best.

I will write about development status here in diary.