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This page describes the privacy policy of Denasu System websites, the applications we made and our online services.

Information Collection

Denasu System Websites

We may collect information that your browser or device typically sends to our web server when you visit Denasu System websites. For example, your browser sends IP address and browser name to our web server.

Denasu System Applications

We only collect the information below:

  1. Necessary information to use our online services described below
  2. Operation logs to help trouble shooting which is not sent to our servers unless you send to us such as by e-mail or BBS

Denasu System Online Services

When you use our ranking service, chat service or any services we provides, we may collect the information that identifies you. This includes ID and device type.

Information Sharing

We do not share the information we collect to other third parties or indivisual persons.

Policy Change

We may change this privacy policy. If we changed, we will notify you on Denasu System web site.