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Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

I’ve attended the event I purchased a ticket in the previous diary today, the Basic Magazine Event “ALL ABOUT My-com BASIC Magazine”. It exceeded my expectation and I’m satisfied. I’ve heard a log of interesting story but they said we can’t expose all of it so I will write my impressions with only necessary topics.

My-com Basic Magazine was a magazine which was issued during 1982-2003. I read them because I have back numbers in my house from the 2nd issue. In real-time, I was programmed with PC6001, Pyu-ta, Family Basic in 1985-1990. After that, I read it again from around 1994 and then I posted 4 programs of PC-9821 and 2 programs were published in the magazine. After that, I transferred to C Magazine from around 2000 and Basic Magazine was suspended. The event was for the reader which read the magazine in 80s so almost of the attendee was senior. I wonder how many people are still programming?

The event place was a event space which was once junior high school in Akihabara. The ticket was about $30 and 470 people are attended. These people are not the future customer so it must be simple loss for the publisher. It was good to suppress the cost about event place I think. In the school, I felt hand-maid event so it was good for Basic Magazine. Even the machine trouble was like good.

The most interesting topic in the talk was that every staff (Editors or Writers) did what they really want to do. The policy of the chief editor was don’t write because other magazine was writing, do write what you want to write, that I was impressed so much. I’m programming in hobby and in work and I always think I can’t make a good product without passion.

In talk, there are many topics that I think it was not appropriate if they are working in current society. But they couldn’t make a good article without that freedom environment.

The only thing I worried was the future. The chief editor was great because he brought his hand-maid drone of electric magazine but other staff only brought back memories. Maybe attendees aren’t programmers any more, but I’d like to make the field like Basic Magazine to our children.

At last, when the MC said Basic Magazine event doesn’t end yet, I expect Basic Magazine DVD but it was normal ending video. It ended with See You Next Event, I hope the funds will be made by DVD.

Anyway, I was a great event, I was able to see the editor staffs who were just characters in my head, see the people of Battle of Puyopuyo, laughed by P6 voice warning. Thanks to all the staffs.

Having ticket of the event of Basic Magazine seemed to be hard because the event place looks small so I waited in front of the PC in that day and time. In the process of reservation, I saw some questionnaire but I ignore that because it was in process. After all I got ticket. If I knew there are questionnaire beforehand, I would have prepared some. It was spec of the system so there are some reason to have questionnaire before completion of reservation.

There are VIP seats and normal seats. When I confirmed VIP seats after getting a normal seat, it has already been sold out. Normal seats sold out in 30 minutes. I thought the normal seats would be sold out more quickly. But I found it was reasonable after I looked Facebook that says the capacity of the place was 400 to 500.

After getting a ticket, I went to the Library of Congress to see Basic Magazine. I looked some magazines in 1986 that I have been looked the most. CheckerFlag (The criticism to the posted programs) were more severe than I remember. As I have remembered gradually, I found the technique of previous post have some mistake.

  • Criteria: Idea + Technique. Idea is most prioritized
  • Short: Use multi statement in a logical block. Use DATA to the same logic.
  • Understandable: Use good sub routine comments.
  • Fast: Use logical function (true: -1, false: 0). Use short variable name. Bring the routine used frequently to the front.
  • Machine language: It is OK to use machine language to scroll or put characters that is effective.
  • Easy to input: Compress DATA using hex value and put check sum

It was good experience reading these every month. In these days, it is impossible to get knowledge little by little.

I and Happa held Arduino Workshop the 4th. As we are going too far, we can only discuss about Arduino though. In the workshop, we found that Happa’s IchigoJam program is adopted to Basic Magazine in 電子工作マガジン2015年夏号. Great. Basic Magazine has more pages than previous one. I hope Basic magazine will reborn.

Basic Magazine was my favorite magazine that started in 1982 and suspended in 2013. Two basic program of mine were adopted before. Without Basic Magazine, I didn’t developed Weather Typing and I were doing other job. An event will be held in November so I will try to get ticket.

IchigoJam is kind of self-made microcomputer of basic. You can make it with solder. It has 4 KB memory. People that made basic program with 8 bit microcomputer will be astonished. Even PC 6001 I used to use had 16 KB memory. When I looked Happa’s program, I remembered some tips to work with small memory and make source code short to be fit in one page in magazine. In 電子工作マガジン, elementary school students are using these technique, it already achieved this level.

  • Use short version command. PRINT uses 5 byte so “?” is better.
  • Variables should be short.
  • IF is slow so use logical function. Use true:-1,false:0. For example, “x = x + 128 * (x > 127)”
  • Use multi statement because more lines has more disadvantages. Include many statement in one line.

Other than that, use machine language, or use PEEK/POKE to read/write memory directly.

If I use these technique in C language, I will be scolded.

Happa and I held Arduino workshop 3 in Akihabara. We bought bluetooth and motor parts.

During the workshop, Happa found IchigoJam and bought one. It’s a board which can connect to TV and execute BASIC program. As we used to post program to Basic Magazine, we can’t miss it. As we were looking the manual of IchigoJam, we read the denshi kosaku magazine has Basic Magazine corner and also bought one. It’s only 2 pages but it surely revived and wanted reader’s program. That’s a good thing.

I used to play PC-6001 ARK when I was in a kindergarten. I have been searching about this game but I didn’t get that. Recently I found a movie in Youtube and I found it was in Mycom magazine. That’s the reason I can’t find it in Basic magazine.

I went to the National Diet Library and read Mycom magazine 1982, April. It was not reader’s post but it was one of special articles. That article says all the objects was drawn by angled LINE and it uses two screen one by one to cover the drawing speed, it was interesting.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.